Peter McCluskey's list of waterfalls in the SF Bay Area, from Point Reyes to Henry Coe.

This site is primarily for people who are already familiar with the more popular waterfalls, and want more. Most people should consult at least one of the following sources before using my site:

The waterfalls I focus on are rarely visited either because there isn't much of a trail leading to them, because they dry up quickly, or because they can only be reached at low tides (and aren't as impressive as some other waterfalls that also require low tides).

A map of many of the better waterfalls.

A list of the waterfalls for which I have names. If you know of other names that are used for the waterfalls I cover, email me at

I have some lists of the more interesting waterfalls.

My waterfall news page lists all significant changes to the site since late 2011.

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Last updated 2023-01-13.