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[I have medium confidence in the broad picture, and somewhat lower confidence in the specific pieces of evidence. I’m likely biased by my commitment to an ETG strategy.]

Earning to Give (ETG) should be the default strategy for most Effective Altruists (EAs).

Five years ago, EA goals were pretty clearly constrained a good deal by funding. Today, there’s almost enough money going into far future causes, so that vetting and talent constraints have become at least as important as funding. That led to a multi-year trend of increasingly downplaying ETG that was initially appropriate, but which has gone too far.

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Charity for Corporations

In his talk last week, Robin Hanson mentioned an apparently suboptimal level of charitable donations to for-profit companies.

My impression is that some of the money raised on Kickstarter and Indiegogo is motivated by charity.

Venture capitalists occasionally bias their investments towards more “worthy” causes.

I wonder whether there’s also some charitable component to people accepting lower salaries in order to work at jobs that sound like they produce positive externalities.

Charity for profitable companies isn’t likely to become a popular concept anytime soon, but that doesn’t keep subsets of it from becoming acceptable if framed differently.