Announcements [B]

I’ve had a livejournal account for quite a while, but for a long time used it only to comment on other peoples’ posts. But I’ve decided it’s a more social place to blog, and I’ve been making some more personal posts there. I’ve noticed that I am most likely to decide that someone is interesting if that person discusses personal thoughts on the web, and a report that self-disclosure in blogs may help develop better relationships with others helps confirm that I’m not the only one to react that way.

I plan to keep posting my more impersonal intellectual writings here around 3 times per month, but I may devote more attention to my livejournal account than to this blog.

I have starting blogging on Overcoming Bias. I plan to blog there somewhere between once a month and once a week, and I hope to still find time to blog here once a week on topics that don’t fit there.
And note that if you want to see all my book reviews, see Amazon; I sometimes don’t blog reviews of less interesting books.

I’ve switched from b2evolution to WordPress for the software that runs this blog.
I had been planning to do this for several weeks because b2evolution was too spam-friendly, and WordPress seems to have a competent approach to comment spam (holding comments for moderation if they don’t come from someone who previously made an approved comment). I was forced to shut down the b2evolution software yesterday when the load it put on my system became excessive.
I think I’ve fixed all the permalinks to work as before.