One comment on “On Caring about our AI Progeny

  1. Hi Peter. This article made me chuckle a bit, because I’ve recently noticed that most of the time I use ChatGPT for anything other than code generation, if I’m not a hurry I can’t help but be polite to it. Somehow it feels wrong to just give it orders.

    By the way, do you intend to write an article giving advice on how to invest in AI? The obvious thing to do is to buy some Alphabet and Microsoft shares, but Google looks like they’re completely floundering with Bard, and Microsoft… well, it seems to me most of their products are likely to be made obsolete by AI within a few years. For example, how do they expect to make profits with Github Copilot if 80% of coders lose their jobs because they’re replaced by some refined version of AutoGPT?

    Wish I could invest in OpenAI itself!

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