2 comments on “Microbial Burden

  1. methionine restriction likely only effective inasmuch as it reduces glycine/methionine imbalance; better approach probably to take glycine supplementation (glycine powder 5g-15g daily/ collagen powder, pork rinds) to complement methionine as opposed to reducing methionine.

  2. Frog, thank you. I looked into this when reviewing The Longevity Diet, and it does seem a good deal more plausible that modern diets are low in glycine relative to methionine than that we’re poor at handling methionine.

    But 5g-15g/day sounds like a lot. I think 1g/day ought to be enough to restore a natural ratio to a decent diet. I plan to eat a collagen bar (such as the Perfect Keto Bar) at least once a week, and get a fair amount of my protein from plants.

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