One comment on “A Stock with a Strange Price History

  1. This stock is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. My friends and I call it “old faithful”. The only other chart I’ve seen that was even close to being as smooth and predictable as this one is the former IST (Ispat International, a steel company), which was merged into a mega company with a few other steel companies before I had much time to trade it.

    Have you ever tried to manipulate the price of anything, perhaps on ebay or in a mmorpg game? The capitalization required to pull off something like this is unbelievable. I don’t dare mention the ticker symbol in public for fear of disrupting this gang of market makers’ fine work by attracting attention to it. I suspect that the price trend will end spectacularly, though whether it be buyout or scandal I don’t know. I want my risk capital safe and sound back on the sidelines before something happens either way.

    I’ve devised a strategy for buying into smooth uptrending stocks like this one in such a way as to minimize potential loss of risk capital. Here’s a link to my description of the strategy I used for my campaign in the stock you’re writing about:


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