One comment on “Unconventional Sex, Gender

  1. Although I did not read this book yet, I wanted to add my thoughts on this topic. It see the transexual/queer point of view in politics and society. However, even if I were transexual or queer I would not be trying to redefine societies laws and calling everyone that disagrees with me a bigot. I have tollerance & I am understanding. Our world is getting smaller with increases in technology so we must all learn to live together. I am tollerant of any lifestyle. I do not think that means I must agree with that lifestyle or let that lifestyle affect me. Does that make me a bigot? If so, then those opposed to my point of view are bigots as well since they are not tollerant of my lifestyle and choices.

    “Fear of transsexuals has little to do with the fear that gay men will spread sexually transmitted diseases.” – I live in the Bible Belt, own an STD clinic in Plano, Texas, and I agree with this quote.

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