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  1. This is a thoughtful review, thank you. From a geriatrician’s perspective, the advise to minimize simple carbs and sugar, increase fruits, vegetable and exercise daily is the core of our teaching. We need the rigorous study by independent researchers using standard cognitive metrics to determine the efficacy of any protocol. We wait for that to be done in this case. In the mean time, yes probably 30% of dementia could be prevented by better lifestyle. I’m concerned if people interpret unproven treatments such as taking K2, which increases clotting…..which we know small strokes is a cause of dementia. Or use of high doses of coconut oil, a saturated fat; I saw advice that 30-50% of the diet should be saturated fat. We do have studies how heart attacks declined in Cuba after the Soviet Union collapsed; less money,less meat, less sugar.
    We can all do a lot already!

  2. According to 23andme, I have the 3/4 pattern of the ApoE gene. If stress adds to risk for heart disease and Alzheimer’s in addition to saturated fat and lack of exercise, I might as well move into the home right now. Just kidding! I am 65 and hopefully have a couple of decades more to live in this crazy world. So, all I have to do is reduce or eliminate saturated fat, but eat lower carb, get some exercise and now I am reading how higher levels of iron contributes to risks of these major diseases. So, now I need to back off of my vitamin C supplements which help control my allergies because it increases iron absorption. No more almond milk and cocoa powder. They both have iron. I keep messing up with my health. I’ll focus on the things I know are good like exercise and non-starchy vegetables with olive oil and stop watching so much television and writing comments on blog posts and Facebook and reading about my genes for hours at a time. Since stress probably contributes to everything bad that is happening to us, I’ll learn to remain calm at all times, meditate, do yoga and think peaceful thoughts and stop worrying about Alzheimer’s and heart disease and maybe stop trying to figure it all out because apparently that isn’t even possible and it usurps valuable being alive time. Maybe that is what all the health mistakes I have made are trying to tell me. Just stop, and literally smell the roses, or whatever is blooming in November. At least I will try my best to balance good information with fun and carefreedom and not obsess about health. I have a cancer patient in my home and he is doing well. We just need to enjoy our lives and be healthy anyway we can because being sick isn’t much fun. Thanks for writing about this and keeping people informed. There is not a lot of good information about this subject since the gene thing is so new. If there was a question in all of this it might be, do I really need to be on a lowfat diet? I tried that and was starved for protein. My body was craving beans of all things for protein. How sad is that?

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