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  1. Good luck to you in this. My advice, for what it’s worth, is to buy at $2 or less, expect to lose every penny and make the most of the experience. I’ve personally lost a good amount of money on Bitcoin and I’m happy about it because what I’ve learned from the community and the process has been priceless.

  2. Unfortunately, the high price volatility created by the uncertainties you list greatly reduces Bitcoin’s value both as a store of value and as a medium of exchange. At present it can only be a tiny, very-high-risk portion of a rational portfolio.

    If I had substantial sums, I’d invest a tiny fraction of it in Bitcoin as a collectible — the first of many kinds of securely scarce cryptocurrency. Just as the first of many artists of a particular style tend to command the highest prices.

    As I understand it, one cannot pay a premium to own the actual earliest puzzle solutions (the genesis block or the ones shortly thereafter). If I’m wrong on this, please correct me, as those would be the most promising kind of collectibles investment here.

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