3 comments on “Global Catastrophic Risks

  1. > totalitarian regimes are less likely to foresee disasters, but are in some ways better-equipped to deal with disasters that they take seriously.

    Sounds like a useless piece of knowledge, and dangerous if it lessens our efforts against totalitarian regimes.

    Even if such regimes are modestly more efficient at coping with natural disasters – such regimes *are* continuous disasters. It’s the rare natural disaster indeed which can aspire to rack up the megadeaths of just Stalin’s famines, for example.

  2. Yes, it would take a rare disaster, such as a large asteroid expected to hit earth in 5 years.
    When would-be totalitarians claim such a disaster threatens us, we should focus on an accurate assesment of the threat rather than generic fears about alternative forms of government. We should understand that would-be totalitarians want to exaggerate threats because of the connection between such threats and the acceptability of totalitarianism.

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