4 comments on “Avoid News, Part 2: What the Stock Market Taught Me about News

  1. The principal issue with Tyler Cowen, however, is that he’s paid by rightwing billionaires that don’t have average peoples’ interests in mind. As long as you keep that bias in mind, he’s fine.


    (If you Google this topic you’ll get a bunch of links claiming to debunk the above from Russ Roberts, who’s funded by rightwing billionaires through Hoover, AIER which takes even more money from Koch et al, and the Charles Koch foundation itself. Consider those sources’ incentives if you read their ‘debunking’.)

  2. You should reconsider. Clearly you’re living in your own bubble if you think the pandemic did not have a devastating impact on business – the stock market is propped up by federal incentives and does not represent the state of the actual economy.

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