Mount Diablo with SF Hiking Club, May 2

In record-breaking heat. The forecast of strong winds on the bay led me to think there would be some cooling wind on Diablo, but it was nearly calm.
From Eagle Peak:
diablo1.jpg diablo2.jpg diablo3.jpg diablo4.jpg diablo5.jpg

Monte Bello / Long Ridge, May 6

Looking out towards ocean:
Horseshoe Lake:
longridge2.jpg longridge3.jpg
Back into Monte Bello:
High part of White Oak Trail:

Monte Bello, Rainbow Rec hike May 8

montebello3.jpg montebello4.jpg

Tennesee Valley to Muir Beach with SF Hiking Club, May 9

Looking south near the start:
Just south of Muir beach:
muirbeach1.jpg muirbeach2.jpg muirbeach3.jpg

Point Reyes - Bear Valley trailhead to Arch Rock with SF Hiking Club, May 23

Near the top of Mt. Wittenberg:
wittenberg1.jpg wittenberg2.jpg wittenberg3.jpg wittenberg4.jpg
Heading down the Sky Trail:
skytrail1.jpg skytrail2.jpg skytrail3.jpg skytrail4.jpg
Around Arch Rock:
archrock1.jpg archrock2.jpg archrock3.jpg archrock4.jpg
This gull stood around us for most of our lunch break:
archrock5.jpg archrock6.jpg archrock7.jpg archrock8.jpg archrock9.jpg

Feather Falls with SF Hiking Club, May 29

My camera had a mysterious problem this weekend which blurred all the pictures, so I'm just showing a few thumbnails with no links to the full photos.

View from the trail out:
The falls:
feather2.jpg feather3.jpg feather5.jpg feather6.jpg feather7.jpg feather8.jpg feather9.jpg
Upstream from the falls:
feather10.jpg Frey Creek Falls:
frey1.jpg frey2.jpg

Audobon Canyon Preserve, May 31

audcanyon1.jpg audcanyon2.jpg audcanyon3.jpg

Abbotts Lagoon, May 31

abbotts1.jpg abbotts2.jpg abbotts3.jpg abbotts4.jpg abbotts5.jpg