Point Reyes - Bass Lake and nearby beaches, April 3

Calla Lillys on edge of Bass Lake:
Looking north towards Pelican Lake from faint trail heading towards ocean:
pelican.jpg pelican2.jpg pelican3.jpg pelican4.jpg
Looking down and northward to a beach with Elephant Seals:
Waterfalls below Bass Lake:
bass_falls.jpg bass_falls2.jpg bass_falls3.jpg small_falls.jpg

Bolinas Ridge, April 3

bolinas_ridge1.jpg bolinas_ridge2.jpg

Butano, April 4

Group photo on SF Hiking Club site

Morgan Territory, April 8

Highland Ridge Trail:
highland_trail1.jpg highland_trail2.jpg highland_trail3.jpg highland_trail4.jpg highland_trail5.jpg highland_trail6.jpg
Coyote Creek Trail:

Joseph Grant Park, April 11

Group photo on SF Hiking Club site
Lunch spot - Viper Pond:
sanfelipe_pond.jpg sanfelipe_pond2.jpg sanfelipe_pond3.jpg
Along Hotel Trail:
hotel_trail1.jpg hotel_trail2.jpg hotel_trail3.jpg
Eagle Lake:
eagle_lake.jpg eagle_lake2.jpg
A pond along the Foothill Pine trail, with False Lupine (Thermopsis macrophylla) in foreground:
foothill1.jpg foothill2.jpg
Pentstemon heterophyllus(?) along Bonhoff trail:

Henry Coe, April 17

Barry's Bathtub (Pinto Creek):
barrys_bathtub.jpg barrys_bathtub2.jpg
Pinto Creek just below Barry's Bathtub:
barrys_bathtub3.jpg barrys_bathtub4.jpg barrys_bathtub5.jpg
Near the headwaters of Robinson Creek, looking north:
Looking south from the ridge between Robinson Creek and Red Creek:
A pond partway down to Red Creek:
red_cr2.jpg red_cr3.jpg red_cr4.jpg
Red Creek:
Paradise Lake:
paradise.jpg paradise2.jpg
Looking north towards Rooster Comb:

Bort Meadow, April 18

Group photo on SF Hiking Club site

Henry Coe, April 20

Looking south from Redfern trail:
Looking west from Redfern trail:
Redfern pond area:
redfern3.jpg redfern4.jpg redfern5.jpg
A pond just east of Redfern pond:
redfern6.jpg redfern7.jpg
Blue-eyed grass with unusual color towards Willson Camp:
blue_eye_grass.jpg blue_eye_grass2.jpg
Pond by Bowl trail and Willson Ridge trail:

Ed Levin Park to Mission Peak, April 24

The start of the hike: Chin, Ervan, and hangliders launching over fields of radish and mustard:
The pond at the trailhead:
levin2.jpg levin3.jpg
A pond to the northwest of Monument Peak:
Buttercups near Allison Peak:

Windy Hill, April 25

windyhill1.jpg windyhill2.jpg windyhill3.jpg