Sweeney Ridge and Mori Point, February 5 with the SF Hiking Club

Views from Mori Point:
mori92a.jpg mori93a.jpg mori94a.jpg mori95a.jpg

San Bruno Mountain, Feb 8

On the south side, Hummingbird Sage in the foreground, Oxalis fields in back:

Phoenix Lake, Bald Hill and Daffodil Hill, February 12 with the SF Hiking Club

View from the top of Bald Hill:
an unofficial trail toward Daffodil Hill:

Pacifica, Feb 16

Brooks Falls:
pacifica101a.jpg pacifica102a.jpg
Muscle Rock:
pacifica103a.jpg pacifica104a.jpg
Beach south of Muscle Rock:
pacifica105a.jpg pacifica106a.jpg
The Secret Waterfall:
pacifica107a.jpg pacifica108a.jpg pacifica115a.jpg
small waterfall farther north on the beach:
pacifica113a.jpg pacifica114a.jpg

Barbier Park (west end), Feb 17

Several waterfalls on a stream flowing south toward Glen Park Ave:
barbier116a.jpg barbier119a.jpg barbier120a.jpg barbier123a.jpg
on a stream flowing east toward Convent Ct:
on a stream flowing southeast toward Convent Ct:
barbier134a.jpg barbier138a.jpg barbier139a.jpg barbier141a.jpg
on a stream flowing southeast toward Oakdale Ave:
barbier142a.jpg barbier145a.jpg
barbier146a.jpg barbier147a.jpg barbier148a.jpg

Lucas Valley near Big Rock trailhead, Feb 22

The lower part of a tall waterfall:
the main part of the waterfall, with a 30 foot main drop:
lucasv161a.jpg lucasv164a.jpg
a view from the top:
a view from just above the falls; trailhead with the Big Rock in the distance:
a 9 foot waterfall on the next stream:
a 9 foot waterfall on another stream:
lucasv181a.jpg lucasv182a.jpg
The top half of this 30 foot waterfall consists of two independent creeks, which merge halfway down the waterfall:

view from the bottom, upper right part of falls hard to see due to lighting:
lucasv202a.jpg lucasv205a.jpg
the west fork, and part of the lower section:
the upper half, seen from the top of the west fork:
lucasv200a.jpg lucasv201a.jpg
looking down from the top of the east fork:
the west fork, the top of the east fork visible at the bottom:
a 20+ foot waterfall on the next stream:
lucasv215a.jpg lucasv216a.jpg lucasv222a.jpg
a 15+ foot waterfall farther upstream:
lucasv228a.jpg lucasv229a.jpg lucasv230a.jpg lucasv231a.jpg lucasv232a.jpg
a 25+ foot waterfall farther upstream:
lucasv238a.jpg lucasv239a.jpg
view of that waterfall and one below it from a ridge 1/4 mile south:

Pomponio State Beach south to Pescadero, Feb 25

South of the Pomponio beach parking (reached from Pescadero beach; tide not low enough to reach Pomponio beach parking from here).
A 70 foot waterfall:
pomponio246a.jpg pomponio252a.jpg
A 50+ foot waterfall:
pomponio255a.jpg pomponio258a.jpg pomponio261a.jpg pomponio262a.jpg pomponio269a.jpg
A 30+ foot waterfall:
pomponio270a.jpg pomponio273a.jpg pomponio274a.jpg pomponio277a.jpg pomponio280a.jpg pomponio283a.jpg pomponio285a.jpg pomponio287a.jpg
A 70+ foot waterfall:
pomponio292a.jpg pomponio294a.jpg pomponio298a.jpg pomponio299a.jpg pomponio302a.jpg
North of the Pomponio beach parking:

A 70+ foot waterfall:
pomponio304a.jpg pomponio305a.jpg pomponio308a.jpg pomponio311a.jpg
A 50 foot waterfall:
pomponio318a.jpg pomponio320a.jpg pomponio322a.jpg pomponio326a.jpg pomponio328a.jpg
A 26+ foot waterfall (also visible on the left in a photo of the prior waterfall):
pomponio330a.jpg pomponio332a.jpg (the cave has a small keyhole leading to the prior waterfall).
A 60 foot waterfall:
pomponio337a.jpg pomponio339a.jpg pomponio341a.jpg
By the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton Hotel:
pomponio343a.jpg pomponio345a.jpg pomponio347a.jpg

Lucas Valley near Rubicon Falls, Feb 26

Waterfall about 0.4 miles east of Rubicon Falls:
lucasv350a.jpg lucasv351a.jpg
looking down at the lower part:
middle part:
lucasv353a.jpg lucasv355a.jpg
farther up:
another waterfall upstream:
waterfalls on a smaller stream just to the north:
lucasv359a.jpg lucasv360a.jpg
lucasv361a.jpg lucasv362a.jpg lucasv364a.jpg lucasv365a.jpg lucasv367a.jpg
downstream from the prior falls, a waterfall with a hammock:
lucasv373a.jpg lucasv375a.jpg lucasv376a.jpg
a little farther downstream, more cascades:
Rubicon Falls:
lucasv378a.jpg lucasv379a.jpg lucasv380a.jpg lucasv381a.jpg lucasv382a.jpg
looking down on the cascades at the top of Rubicon Falls:
waterfall on a side stream just east of Rubicon Falls:
a bit upstream from Rubicon Falls:
to the west of Luiz Fire Rd:
lucasv392a.jpg lucasv396a.jpg
1/2 mile downstream:
lucasv398a.jpg lucasv399a.jpg
lucasv402a.jpg lucasv403a.jpg lucasv404a.jpg lucasv405a.jpg lucasv408a.jpg lucasv409a.jpg

Russian Ridge, Feb 27 with INCH

Snow-covered log:
some cascades:
rridge410a.jpg rridge416a.jpg rridge417a.jpg rridge418a.jpg