Mt. Diablo waterfalls, February 7 with the SF Hiking Club

Waterfall on Donner Creek (viewed from steep rock outcrop):

Edgewood Park, February 11

Mini-waterfall on the Sylvan Trail:

Blackstone Canyon / Rubicon Falls, February 28 with the SF Hiking Club

Waterfall at start of Queenstone Drive:
Waterfall a little farther up Queenstone Drive:
2nd waterfall in Blackstone Canyon (the main drop is hard to distinguish from a tree in this photo):
the main creek, seen from the same spot as the previous photo:
3rd waterfall in Blackstone Canyon:
not quite waterfalls:
blackstone45a.jpg blackstone46a.jpg
4th waterfall in Blackstone Canyon:
nearly done with the bushwacking at the headwaters of Blackstone Canyon (approaching Big Rock Ridge); looking southeast toward china camp in the 1st, northeast in the 2nd:
blackstone48a.jpg blackstone49a.jpg
lunch at a high point on the east end of Big Rock Ridge (looking southeast in the first two photos, then west to the top of the ridge in the 3rd):
blackstone50a.jpg blackstone51a.jpg blackstone52a.jpg
two small waterfalls on the Goat Trail:
blackstone53a.jpg blackstone54a.jpg blackstone55a.jpg
Rubicon Falls:
blackstone56a.jpg blackstone57a.jpg blackstone58a.jpg
another waterfall:
Mountain View falls, near central San Rafael:
blackstone60a.jpg blackstone61a.jpg blackstone62a.jpg
falls on a creek just west of Mountain View falls:
blackstone63a.jpg blackstone64a.jpg