Stinson Beach to Cataract Creek, O'Rourkes Bench, Feb 4 with the SF Hiking Club

O'Rourkes Bench:
stinson1.jpg stinson2.jpg
Coastal trail between Willow Camp Fire trail and McKennan trail:
stinson3.jpg stinson4.jpg stinson5.jpg
Hill near top of McKennan trail:
stinson6.jpg stinson7.jpg stinson8.jpg

Arch Rock, Feb 10 with the SF Hiking Club

Kelham Beach Cascade just after a fairly heavy rainfall:
kelham1.jpg kelham2.jpg kelham3.jpg
Beach looking northwest from Kelham Beach Falls:

Kehoe Beach to Elephant Rock, Feb 13

A small waterfall on Kehoe Beach:
kehoe1.jpg kehoe2.jpg
The keyhole at the first point (the hole is less than 3 feet tall and 1.5 feet wide, and is the only way to cross the point):
The larger keyhole at the second point:
kehoe4.jpg kehoe5.jpg
Perennial Falls:
kehoe6.jpg kehoe7.jpg kehoe8.jpg
View northwest:
Ribbon Falls and Seasonal Falls (upper left and lower right; I'm not sure which is which):
The bottom part of the tall falls that was in the upper left of the prior photo:
A small falls a little further north:
Looking southeast near the third point:
Looking northwest toward Elephant Rock from near the third point:
Getting close enough to see the keyhole in Elephant Rock. The large shadow on the right is where a hidden cave provides a way through the third point:
Better views of Elephant Rock:
kehoe16.jpg kehoe17.jpg
Looking out of the Elephant Cave after passing under the third point:
A little further north, I turned back at the fourth point. Secret Waterfalls of Marin Volume 2 says that it's possible to pass this point by wading through waist deep water. Unless the waves are a lot gentler than normal, that appears to entail a high risk of having a wave knock you into a rock. Any sane person will return to Kehoe Beach, which is feasible if you pass the first point well before the low tide and can make reasonable speeds over rocky terrain that's sometimes slippery due to seaweed, and resist the temptation to spend much time admiring the view.

Amargosa River, Feb 18

Waterfall on the Amargosa:
amargosa1.jpg amargosa2.jpg
looking downriver from near waterfall:
Slot Canyon:
amargosa4.jpg amargosa5.jpg amargosa6.jpg
just outside of Slot Canyon:
Approaching China Ranch: