Books to be discussed by ERG

Last updated 2017-02-18.

Francis FukuyamaPolitical Order and Political Decay
Daniel BurfootNotes on a New Philosophy of Empirical Science
James G. ScottSeeing Like a State
Josh MitteldorfAging is a Group Selection Adaptation
recommended supplement to Mitteldorf's book:
Aubrey de GreyDo we have genes that exist to hasten aging? New data, new arguments, but the answer is still no.
Scott SumnerThe Midas Paradox: Financial Markets, Government Policy Shocks, and the Great Depression
Philip E. Tetlock and Dan GardnerSuperforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction
recommended supplement to Superforecasting:
Atanasov et alDistilling the Wisdom of Crowds: Prediction Markets versus Prediction Polls
Derek ParfitReasons and Persons