A freeware molecule display applet including source code

If you have a Java-capable web browser, the DisMol applet should appear below. If you don't, you may find this page rather boring. This is a big applet, so it may take one or two minutes to load into your browser (sorry for the delay).
If you see a molecule below, you can try rotating the molecule in various directions by dragging your mouse on the black background (be sure to hold down the mouse button while you do that). See the text window for other tricks.
There are currently 2 molecules to choose from in the pulldown menu; the second one (from the IMM web site) can be pretty slow to download (240k) and display (several seconds to draw the entire molecule on a 300 mhz Pentium 2). If you install this on your own server, you will need to change the urls of the files to point to chemical files on your own server.
I originally had an input window that allowed you to enter an arbitrary URL of a .pdb or .xyz to display. It wasn't usefull due to security restrictions on Java Applets. You get a security violation if you try to read a url that's not on the server that launched the applet.

Send suggestions, comments or questions to Peter McCluskey.

DisMol evolved from Will Ware's NanoCAD code and from Roger Sayle's RasMol code.
If you're willing to do a little work installing RasMol, you can get much better control over how you see molecules with RasMol than with DisMol.

Archives and precompiled executables